Businesses near Mount Rainier impacted by park closure

ASHFORD, Wash. -- Mount Rainier National Park in Washington remains closed because of the government shutdown.

Chains hang from the front gates and the road to the park is still blocked.

The park has lost more than $20,000 in entrance fees during the shutdown. Almost 200 employees have been furloughed. Only a skeleton staff remains.

Area businesses have also suffered. Hotels, restaurants and retail stores are all taking a hit.

Penny Chambers is a front desk manager at Alexander's Country Inn and Restaurant, located about a mile away from the park entrance. On the pain felt by area businesses, Chambers said, "We're all being hit by it. We're all seeing the effect. How long we can withstand, you know, remains to be seen."

Mount Rainier hosts about 130,000 visitors each October on average.