Burglaries dropping in Benton County

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Action News is also digging deeper into property crimes throughout Benton County.

Year-to-year, crimes are going down. Home burglaries for both the Benton County and Prosser areas dropped. Thefts in Prosser plummeted by nearly half. All the while, thefts in Benton City went up slightly. Officials blame the rise on an outbreak of thefts on school property.

The department attributes the overall drop to community awareness and good patrols.

"Our guys are doing outstanding investigations. Both detectives and patrols, deputies and we're putting a lot of the people who perpetrate those crimes in jail," said Benton County Sheriff Captain Clay Vannoy.

Deputies are also developing new leads on the thefts from the Ki-Be School District. More than $100,000 in damages was reported from the incident in October.