Broken hearted family: 'Nothing is going to take away our pain'

ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- On Wednesday the Kittitas County coroner made it official, Hector Villa died from a stab wound to the heart. His body was discovered on the CWU campus Saturday night. He leaves behind a devastated family and two young children.

"He was a good person. Every part of him was good, and he didn't deserve this," said Katelyn Hamlin-Drottz, the mother of Hector's daughter.

Hector Mejia Villa moved from Mexico to Washington at the age of ten. He left behind his parents and siblings and came to live with his grandparents in Ellensburg for the chance of an American education and better life. Tragically that life was cut short at only 23 years old.

"He had a really good heart," said Jennifer Jordan, Hector's girlfriend.

His family tells me that at a young age Hector fell into the wrong crowd and got caught in a gang lifestyle. For years he had been trying to get out of it, and recently had turned his life around with a new job in construction. His hopes for a new life ended when he was brutally murdered last Saturday.

"Somebody had something against him, it wasn't just a random act, I mean somebody meant to hurt him," said Jennifer Jordan.

Evident after an autopsy found the cause of death to be a stab wound to the heart.

"Obviously I'm not going to explain to my six year old how this happened because I don't want to give her that image, that image has been stuck in my head since the second I found out," said Katelyn Hamlin-Drottz.

His girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, the mothers of his two children, are still trying to grasp how this could have happened.

"I...I was hysterical, I have moments where I'm just hysterically crying, to where I'm angry and mad, to just nothing where I'm just a blob and can't think," said Jennifer Jordan.

Jennifer's son Carlos is 18 months old and so doesn't understand what happened, but Katelyn's daughter Andrea is 6, and is struggling with coming to terms that her father is gone.

"I walked her to the park, just me and her, and I told her that her father was in an accident. She looked at me and she just flat out asked did he die, and I said yes," said Katelyn Hamlin-Drottz.

Hector's loved ones, overcome with pain, are now searching to bring some closure, although nothing will heal their loss.

"Nothing is going to make it better, nothing is going to take away our pain, nothing is going to bring those two kids father back to them," said Katelyn Hamlin-Drottz.

Hector's family is raising money for funeral services and to send his body to be buried back in Mexico where his parents live.
They will be having a benefit dinner Friday night at St. Andrews Catholic Church.

The police meanwhile have ruled this case a homicide and have not made any arrests.