Breaking and Entering crimes down

YAKIMA, Wash.-- New numbers out of Yakima show your chances of being hit by crooks are way down as more people do what they've been doing all along and locking up their homes. Breaking and entering is a crime that's happening less often in Yakima
"Her house got broken into Christmas eve while her and her family were at church," said 'Greg', whose aunt's home was broken into.

He said fixing the door they broke cost about $500. Sometimes the most simple things can prevent things like this from happening again.

"Lock your doors, close windows, invest in an alarm system, guard dogs, stuff like that," he said.

Taking those precautions have brought the number down.

So far in January, breaking and entering has been reported 76 times; that's less than half of December's 188. In November there were 259 and in October there were 272. It's a positive outlook, but doesn't replace valuable items and money still being taken.

"Its just sad to think that someone who works hard for everything that they have and someone just goes in the house and snatches it all away from them. It's kind of sad, heartbreaking," 'Greg' said.