Blended learning is big in West Valley School District

West Valley High School students

Blended learning. What is that you might ask?

“We are showing people that these are examples of ways to blend your teaching, that you've always learned with your teaching methodology, that you've always learned as a teache,r along with technology to create a tremendous teaching opportunity for you, but also a personalized and individualized learning opportunity for your students,” said Superintendent Mike Brophy.

It's taken the West Valley School District by storm, and both teachers and students are embracing it.

“I'm a huge advocate for this learning. The kids - they really enjoy it. They ask everyday if they can get out their devices, and ‘when are we gonna use them? I really think it's helped their education and I think they've grown a lot,” said West Valley Middle School teacher, Jenna Stratton.

The school district provides students, third thru twelfth grade, with one-to-one access to Chromebooks. Students can work together, online, and also at their own pace. Teachers say this is a benefit to their students.

“The advantage of being able to pull so many resources from the internet - we do a lot with quick tutorial videos to reinforce concepts, that instead of having the whole class watch them, they can watch them at their own pace. They can pause. They can re-watch certain sections of the videos. So, I've seen a great benefit in that,” said West Valley High School teacher, Josh McKimmy.

Even first graders are getting in on the action.

“I think kids are more engaged. There’s less behavior problems, and you just really see kids more on task,” said Apple Valley Elementary teacher, Brooke Scott.

Superintendent Brophy says that this new style of teaching and learning will prepare students for the real world.

“What we're hoping is that West Valley School District - our graduates will be prepared to enter life after high school fully equipped from a blended learning environment that they had in elementary school, middle school, and high school,” said Brophy.

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