Black Friday police patrols

UNION GAP, Wash. --Shoppers flooded the Valley Mall in Union Gap going after a good Black Friday deal. It's also a day when police try to make sure you don't wind up on the wrong end of a deal.

"Awesome, amazing, fun, crazy, packed," said shopper Sonia Guiterrez.

Black Friday stands alone.

"There was definitely a couple hundred people in line at a time."

It's something shoppers like Sonia Gutierrez look forward to. A day when the deals are worth the wait.

"We went to Walmart and we were in line for two hours waiting for a TV," said Gutierrez.

She says she isn't done yet.

"We have another few stores to go to and go home and wrap," said Gutierrez.

It didn't stop after the morning rush. The crowds held steady as people looked for a bargain.

"Didn't want to go too early. It's kind of madness around midnight and all those times like that. I'm figuring in Yakima it shouldn't be as crazy as some of the urban centers so they should still have some good stuff left," said consumer Mike Rush.

It's not only busy in the stores where shoppers look for good deals. Police patrol the malls to make crooks don't get their hands on a deal they didn't pay for.

"Thieves are out looking for people who leave unattended presents in their cars. And that's a target because they can snatch up several hundred dollars worth of merchandise and it's something they really look for," said Union Gap Officer Terrell Way

Walking around, I found cars with gifts sitting right out in the open. While there weren't a lot of incidents at this shopping center, Union Gap Police aren't letting down their guard.

"The amount of traffic and the amount of possibilities for a car prowl or car theft or shoplift incident that sort of thing. We do try to put an extra presence out here at the mall just to try to prevent some things from happening."

Shoppers we spoke with say they feel safer with the police presence at the mall.