Bed bugs on the rise

Bed bugs on the rise

KITTITAS, Wash.- Over the course of five years, bed bugs have become huge epidemic in Kittitas County and Nationwide. Prosite Pest control generally gets three to five appointments a week just for bed bugs.

"You talk to any pest management professional across the nation and ask them about bed bugs, and they're going to say yeah it's one of the most challenging pest we deal with," said by the President of Prosite Pest Control Micah Flory.

Flory says bed bugs tend to end up anywhere there's cracks for them to crawl into. The most common places are used furniture, second hand clothing, buses and hotels. His most common clients are apartment complexes or anywhere with a lot of people in one area, but Flory says hes seen them just about everywhere.

"Its not a social class, you can have a million dollar house and the right situation and you can have bed bugs. You can have a tiny little apartment and get bed bugs," said Flory.

Most professional companies like Prosite perform heating treatments that take about 12 hours to complete. People sometimes buy store bought chemical treatments to kill bed bugs, which can take up to six months and multiple sessions until the bed bugs are completely gone. Flory urges people to stay away from that option.

"Self treating is probably the worst thing that you can do. There's a lot of misinformation on the internet that can really lead people astray. And when you misapply chemicals it's not only endangering you, its endangering your family," said Flory.

Flory recommends calling a professional and being aware of your surroundings is the best thing you can do.

"If you think you have a problem, call a professional. Don't self-treat, be vigilant, watch for all of your key signs, and hopefully you never get bed bugs," said Flory.

Flory also recommends regularly washing your bedding, watching for small blood spotting along the edges of your bed, and being cautious around other people they may have the problem. Treatments cost around one thousand dollars.

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