Background checks a must for care workers in Wash.

WASHINGTON STATE -- Mandatory background checks for daycare and elderly care workers. The state approved it on Friday.

Washington is getting tough on job applicants looking to take care of your loved ones.

Tough laws on background screenings will not impact those already in the industry. These are strictly for new applicants. And it's not just past abuse they're looking for. Convictions for fraud, or even writing bad checks will become a red flag.

Companies will also be able to share background screenings without violating any rights. Some agencies don't think that's a good move.

"We wouldn't feel comfortable passing on that person's clean criminal background check to another employer because we are in fact not guaranteeing that that person has a clean criminal background," says Ann Craff, Director of Visiting Angels Home Care Providers

Craff says her agency takes the required state screening process very seriously insisting that everyone applying with her get checked.

Still she makes sure everyone who walks through her doors is scrutinized on every level.

She says, "Often times even though everything looks right on paper we have to follow that gut feeling because there's not a test for integrity."