Autopsy results for badly beaten Yakima broker could alter charges

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- It's possible murder charges could come for the people suspected of a beating on a Yakima realtor.

Vern Holbrook died over the weekend, eight months after he was attacked. Four suspects are already charged with attempted murder and assault. An autopsy will determine if Holbrook's death was connected to his original injuries. If that's the case, the charges could be raised.

Holbrook's granddaughter, Shaunda Holbrook, spoke with KIMA about her family's loss.

"He loved not only his family, but his community, his friends, his neighbors, his employees. I can't see a life that he didn't encounter that he didn't touch in some way or another just by his giving-ness. He loved to give to people."

Holbrook was found badly beaten with his throat slit in a Cowiche home he was trying to sell. His former daughter-in-law is charged in the case. Police believe she was upset Holbrook stopped giving her money and that she helped plan the attack on the 78-year-old.