Attorneys are still calling witnesses in the Dylan Dixon murder trial

Attorneys are still calling witnesses in the Dylan Dixon murder trial

YAKIMA Wash. -- Detective Kasey Hampton took the stand at court today and some recordings of interviews and phone calls with Dixon were presented.

According to court papers, Dylan Dixon confronted John Barrett in front of The Neighborhood Health Depot on Yakima Avenue last year in November over a car Barrett was fixing that belonged to Dixon.

Police reports said Dixon shot at Barrett because he feared Barrett was going to hit him with a hammer.

“Yeah in the back of his truck he uncovered a hammer and a gun and I literally hopped and grabbed the gun as quickly as I could and I stepped back and he grabbed the hammer and started running at me with it and literally I was seven or eight feet away I looked to see if there was bullets in it and I just pulled the trigger," said Dixon in the recording.

Dixon’s attorney said Dixon pulled the trigger because he was defending himself.

But today Detective Hampton took the stand saying Dixon lied about some details in their interview.

Prosecutor: “In your interview with him he told you the gun was John’s correct?"

Hampton: “Correct.”

Prosecutor: “And in this jail call he says he brought the gun with him correct?"

Hampton: “Correct.”

Detective Hampton says Dixon told him he did not show up trying to kill Barrett.

Hampton says Dixon told him he got the gun from the truck Barrett was driving when Barrett uncovered the back of his truck and showed him the weapons.

But in a recording of a phone call Dixon made to a friend he tells his friend he brought the gun from home.

Prosecuting attorney says Dixon has lied to police officers and he came to the scene with the intention of killing Barrett.

The trial will continue tomorrow and Dixon is set to take the stand in the afternoon.

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