At least three homes burned in Saddle Mountain Fire

KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. -- Crews in Kittitas County are battling one of the more than 50 wildfires blazing a path of destruction across our state.

This one is in a pretty remote area, but has already scorched close to 40,000 acres.

Three homes have been destroyed and while no lives have lost, they have certainly been turned upside down

Stephanie Arreola-Jauregui and her family can't get back to their home.
They were on vacation when they got the call their house was threatened by the Saddle Mountain Fire.

"I am concerned cause they say that maybe the road is not safe right now, that's why their not letting us in. But I do just really want to be home right now. And just want to be home right now."

But they will have to wait. Huntzinger Road remains closed at the junction of I-90 all the way to the Priest Rapids Dam area. The fire has burned nearly 40,000 acres south of I-90 in the area of Ryegrass and the Yakima Training Center.

It destroyed six structures. Three of them were homes. Officials say about 60 homes have been threatened. Stephanie is thankful her home was spared but was more concerned about her family.

"Material is material, it comes it goes, but the only thing that we were worried about was actually the people that live there," said Stephanie.

No injuries have been reported. Officials say it's been a tough blaze to battle.

"The primary concerns are the continued winds that we have, high winds, the very dry fuels so it doesn't take much for these fuels out here to burn very aggressively. And then the rugged terrain that we're trying to fight this fire in, it makes it tough,"
said Incident Commander Dennis Strange.

"I just hope everything comes to an end and everybody can move into their houses," said Stephanie.

And Stephanie and her family can stop living out of their RV and tents.

The Red Cross has set up a shelter at the Kittitas High School where 18 evacuees are now staying until it is safe to return to the Auvil area.