Armed robbery suspect turns himself in

YAKIMA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE RELEASE -- The Yakima County Sheriff's Office arrested a suspect late Monday night involved in an armed robbery which occurred in Parkland, Washington.

On March 5th, 2013, Cascade Custom Jewelers was robbed by two armed men who fled on foot with jewels and cash.

The robbery has been highlighted on the Tacoma/Pierce County and Washington Crime Stoppers programs.

The 21-year-old white male suspect from Oregon saw the Crime Stoppers program and chose to turn himself in.

He tried twice to turn himself in without success before contacting the Yakima County Sheriff's Office.

He was taken into custody without incident and is cooperating with Law Enforcement.

The suspect said that his involvement in the crime has been weighing on him and he made the decision to turn himself in.

Detectives from Pierce County arrived in Yakima shortly after midnight to take custody of the suspect.