Animals living in deplorable conditions

AHTANUM, Wash. -- Food is scattered over the driveway from concerned neighbors. One Ahtanum house is known to be a growing trash pit. Smells of animal waste linger in the air. Neighbors say nearly 50 animals may be in the house.

The tenant has moved out and has been vacant for some time. Yet the mess and animals remain left behind. With the rent paid until the end of the month, animal control told KIMA they can't enter the property until they have a search warrant and proof of neglect.

Officer Tana Girard said all they can do is monitor the animals. They make sure the cats and dogs have water, food and shelter.

Family members are appalled by the shape of the property and the condition the animals are kept in.

For now, animal control will keep an eye on the home and can move in to take the animals if they're not gone by the end of the month.