Animal control tightens leash law after vicious attack

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A random, vicious attack by stray dogs scared a lot of people around town. Action News dug deeper to find out how many dogs are caught running loose.

Animal control has received almost a hundred more complaints about dogs not on a leash this year, compared to last year. Some people think it's no big deal to let their dog run loose in a park.
But, that's not allowed in Yakima.

"Well in an area like this where people walk their dogs, bike, it's a concern because if a dogs off leash and in the bushes where people can't see it, it can cause potential problems," park goer William Kilpatrick told Action News.

You can get a ticket for breaking the leash law.

Stray dogs are most commonly spotted near Yakima's parks, the Greenway, North First Street and Yakima Avenue.