Air conditioner broke? You may be waiting in line

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's one of the hottest parts of the day right now. And air conditioning repair workers are running around to keep your system working.

The triple digits have HVAC workers pulling double shifts.

"Started at 7 this morning probably get off 7:30 tonight so makes long days," said Herb Wallace.

Herb Wallace has been working overtime each day this week. He's been working to fix your broken air conditioners.

Doug Schwenk knows what it's like to live in the heat. He's been without air conditioning for days at a time before.

"Your skin starts to perspire a little bit but you get that little silt on you," said Doug. "Heat starts absorbing into your body and your body starts to sweat to try to cool yourself back down. It can be pretty miserable sometimes."

Crews said there's ways to maintain your air conditioner pumping cool air. Keep weeds at least three feet away from outside units. When it's not running, spray it down to clear dust and dirt and change filters regularly. Workers said the calls haven't stopped pouring in.

"Yesterday, today, probably tomorrow 20 calls a day easy," said Herb.

They typically get about four calls a day. Herb said he's ready to deal with the busy season.

"A big workload but it's what we prepare for the hot seasons," said Herb.

"If your house is in the sun area, you always want to shut the blinds make things a little cooler," said Doug.

And sometimes improvising is the only option until cooler weather rolls around. Other air conditioning companies KIMA spoke with also said they've been getting an average of 20 calls a day this week.