Administrators: Fake news article claims local student killed himself

NACHES, Wash. -- It was a horrifying phone call. The Naches School District told a mother that kids were saying her son shot himself in the head. Only to find out it wasn't true.It appears to be a macabre case of cyber bullying."The heartache that it's caused our family, that has caused other kids in the school," said Anne.This mother we're calling Anne, because she doesn't want to be identified, told KIMA she received a call last Friday morning. A Naches school teacher was asking if she was okay. Students told the teacher her son killed himself. She immediately called her husband who said her son was home safe."I'm afraid for my son. Does somebody want to harm him?" asked Anne.Someone posted a fake newspaper article on Facebook and sent it to students. It said the boy 'took his own life out of fear of another student in the resident area.' His mother went on her son's Facebook page and couldn't believe what she saw."They were saying 'rest in peace, I didn't know that it would come to this. I didn't know you were that sad,'" said Anne.School administrators told KIMA they found two students involved in the prank and appropriate action was taken.The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is also handling the case to track down the students behind it."He's humiliated," said Anne. "I think he's scared not knowing what the intentions were."Anne told KIMA the students were some of her son's closest friends. That makes this even more surprising."Kids, you can't bully other people, it's not right," said Anne. "You affect a lot of lives. You've devastated a family." EDITOR'S NOTE: Deputies said there may be a potential harassment charge with at least one of the students involved in the prank.