Abandoned house filled with animals

KIMA received your calls and concerns about a large number of animals left behind after some residents got word that they were about to be evicted from their home.

So we took action for you, to see what could be done.

Sure enough the property was trashed and abandoned, with dogs everywhere in the yard, and even on the street.

At least 20 dogs, and probably 30 cats, we were told.

A neighbor said the owners left a couple days ago.
So KIMA contacted the sheriff's office, who put us in touch with animal control.

Animal control told me that the owners have until the end of the month to move out, but by the looks of it the dogs have been abandoned.

Although animal control is aware of the situation, they can't take the pets until the owners are officially evicted.

A neighbor has taken it upon herself to feed these abandoned animals.

"I know they don't have any food, I've seen them chewing on some bread over there that I think some neighbors threw in there. There's 3 cages of rabbit, they had turtles living in a horrible looked like soup, chinchillas, ferrrats, mother rabbits with babies," said Brooke DeGamage, neigbor.

And unfortunately, some of the animals had already died.

"There were 6 dead ones on the back porch."
"Cats. Just thrown into a cardboard box, and one in a paper bag, they didn't even have the decency to bury them," said Brooke.

And when Brooke showed KIMA the inside of the house, it was shocking.

"Well if you can imagine a dump truck with garbage backed up and just dumped in it all over the house, that's what you'll see in there, and the smell is indescribable," said Brooke.

KIMA plans to follow up with animal control.

We learned the owners were a man and his two daughters.
Neighbors say they just stopped making payments on the house.