A street in Yakima has neighbors concerned with the amount of cats living there

A street in Yakima has neighbors concerned with the amount of cats living there

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The neighbors call her the cat lady, that's because they say she has over 20 cats living in her property and most of them are not even hers.

Neighbor Ladonna Berry says her neighbors and she are concerned about the cats because most of them are not getting enough food or water, they are getting hurt and many of them are reproducing at a fast rate.

“They’re all sick they’re inbred and outbred and they keep having litters," said Berry.

“I believe this could be a health issue. I think many of them are sick and could pass whatever they’re carrying along to other pets or possibly even children," said Neighbor Shawn Withers.

Neighbor Brooke Hartz says she’s even scared to take walks in her neighborhood because the cats come out hissing at her.

“I have to go on the side almost on the fence because they’ll be three, four or five cats laying there arching themselves like they’re going to go out and attack you," said Hartz.

Berry says she has talked to the Yakima Humane Society about the problem and they have told her to catch the cats and take them in to get spayed or neutered, but Berry says that can cost them around $100 per cat.

Annie Flores form the Yakima Humane Society says there are programs that can help cats get spayed or neutered at a reduced price.

“Depending on the size of the colony we have our valley cats program which we receive funding for which we could be able to care for some of these animals at no cost," said Flores.

We spoke with the owner of the house, and although she did not want to be on camera, she did tell us that their neighborhood has always had a feral cat problem and those are the cats that are reproducing.

She says she owns 10 of the cats living there and they are all spayed, neutered and cared for.

She also says she has taken some of the feral cats to the Yakima Humane Society to get them fixed.

Neighbor Berry says she is tired of all the cats and wants someone to help them do something about it.

If there are feral cat colonies in your neighborhood, you can read more about the resources the Yakima Humane Society provides by clicking here.

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