A crucial way to keep safe during winter

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It won't be too long before snow hits Yakima. And Haver Jim knew it's never too early to prepare for safety on the road.

"Every second counts when you're on black ice," said Haver Jim.

"If you do not have good traction tires on, you do not have control of your vehicle," said Russell Elston.

But extra control will cost you. The manager at Les Schwab told us tire prices had gone up steadily in the past five years. For a small car, you'll now pay 500 dollars to get studded snow tires installed and 800 for an SUV. That's 100 more dollars than you would've payed just a few years ago.

For Haver, his number one priority was the safety of his kids. When asked how much his snow tires cost

"Almost five-hundred dollars. It's a lot of money for me because it's out of my scholarship. That's the only money I have to live on," said Haver.

But he said it's well worth it to know his kids were in a safer car.

"Studless tires are eighty-five to ninety percent as effective as studded tires with the traction in the worst weather conditions," said Reporter.

If your car is not properly equipped, you could spend more out of your pocket than what snow tires would've cost.

Reporter: "Do you know anyone that's been in an accident because they didn't have snow tires?"
Haver: "Yeah I've known a few."
Reporter: "What happened?"
Haver: "A few of them died and the rest of them totaled their cars."

Russell Elston had also seen accidents happen.

"The majority of them in town are fender benders, but it costs the insurance a lot of money," said Russell.

Almost half of the customers at car shops bought them and they started ordering since the beginning of November.