94 year old awarded for donating 32 gallons of blood

YAKIMA, Wash.-- An elderly Yakima woman was honored for donating more than 30 gallons of blood over her lifetime. It dates back to her first donation in the mid-40's. Standing at barely five feet tall, Mary Stensrud is a 94 year old folk dancer. She accepted an award for her service from the Yakima Downtown Rotary. In the last 66 years, Mary has received three different awards for donating blood to the Red Cross. She donates a pint when she is eligible, like clockwork, every 56 days.

Mary tells us her passion developed after a transfusion saved her own life...when she nearly died giving birth to her third child.

"I was bleeding to death apparently, so the doctor gave me a transfusion, so my life was saved by somebody else donating," she said.

Mary says she will continue to donate because her health allows her to. She also plans to start a folk dance group this year.