8th St. Market clerk tackles armed robber

Y.P.D. Press Release- Yakima Police Officers responded to the 8th St. Market for an attempted Robbery of the store. The adult female store clerk reported an unknown male brandishing what she felt was a toy gun came into the store shortly before closing and demanded cash from the register. The clerk stalled and the suspect came to the employee side of the counter and attempted to get money out of the register. He was not able to do so, and he fired a shot from the weapon into the air. The female clerk believed it was a toy or soft air gun as it did not smell, look or sound like a real gun in her opinion. Officers could not locate evidence a round was fired from a firearm. The store clerk tackled the suspect and fought him to the door of the store where the suspect also tried to steal items from a display. The suspect struck the victim in the face and head numerous times and also hit her on his way out of the door with the weapon he had in his hand. The store clerk was taken to the hospital by ambulance for minor cuts and abrasions to her face and head. She suffered no life-threatening injuries.

The suspect was not able to steal anything from the store. He has not been located nor identified.

The investigation into this matter continues. Anyone with information regarding this crime is encouraged to notify the Yakima Police Department.