6 kilos of cocaine, 2 kilos of heroin found on charter bus

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Massive amounts of drugs are being shipped through the Yakima Valley. Over the last few days alone, YPD intercepted two shipments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the street. Cocaine and heroin are being sent by bus.

Two routine drug sweeps recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars of heroin and cocaine. On Saturday YPD officers searched a Fronteras Del Norte coming to Yakima from Southern California. Police say a K-9 unit found six kilos of cocaine in an abandoned backpack but no one connected to the drugs.

"By the time officers did their thing there, many of these people are gone already," said Rod Light, YPD captain.

Yakima police officers went back there on Monday. The police dog sniffed out two kilos of heroin. Police say the bus company is not responsible and is cooperating with the investigation. Yakima is a hub for drug traffic near State Route 97.

"That has been a corridor for the transportation of narcotics for years," Light said.

Buses are also an easy way for dealers to ship from state to state because of lenient security.

"This one certainly doesn't have the same restrictions and inspections maybe that you obviously are going to find at like an airport," Light said.

There are no metal detectors or pat downs and no way to connect passengers with their luggage like on a plane. KIMA wanted to know if the government has any rules in place to prevent drugs or anything else illegal from being brought on board. Nobody could help.

Action News called the National Transportation Safety Board. People there referred us to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration and the Highway of Safety Administration. FMCA couldn't help. The Highway of Safety Administration sent us to the Department of Transportation Safety Office. From there, we were redirected to two more agencies. The DEA and the TSA. The DEA had no answers. The TSA sent KIMA back to DOT. 6 agencies leading to one dead end.

As of now, there's no clear way to trace drug dealers to their supply. Police say there were three big drug incidents on the same bus line last year. KIMA repeatedly called the corporate office of the Fronteras del Norte bus company, which police say is not under investigation.

We got through the first time and were told to call back later. Every call since indicates the number is disconnected.