3rd arrest made in throat slashing, beating of Yakima realtor

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- It's a story Action News got to you first on here on A third suspect in the attempted murder of Vern Holbrook has been arrested.

Nearly four months ago Vern Holbrook had his throat slashed and was left for dead. Two people have already been arrested on attempted murder charges of the 78-year old realtor. Now there's a third suspect. Deputies have arrested Daniel Blizzard in connection with the assault. Court documents say Blizzard owned a company with his family in Washington State. They attempted to buy out Holbrook's business at one point and failed. That led to a dispute.

He's now booked on attempted first-degree murder charges. During the investigation, deputies discovered some type of contact between one of the suspects who had already been arrested and Blizzard.

Since Holbrook was attacked, the community has shown tremendous support. Just one example of that support is here on the 6th hole at Westwood golf course where Vern has an advertisement for his real estate company. Golfers passing through have stopped to write kind thoughts, like "you're the man, Vern. Prayers are with you."

"It's crazy how many people he knows," Vern's son Terry said.

KIMA talked to Vern's son, Terry to see how his father is recovering. Deputies called him to tell him about the arrest just a half hour after.

"Appearance wise, he looks really good," Terry said.

Not everything else is good. The trauma to his brain shows improvement, but he might not ever recover. Doctors told Holbrook's family it could be 14 to 15 months until a drastic improvement happened.

"From the emergency room in Harborview which is the first place I saw him to now is, you know, he's healed 200% but on a scale of one to ten, he's still got 800% to go," Terry said.

Occasionally opening is eyes and continuing physical therapy gives Terry hope his 78 year old father will be okay.