2nd annual Roots and Vines Festival draws big crowds


YAKIMA, Wash. -- Despite some rain Saturday afternoon, lots of people came out to the 2nd annual Roots and Vines Festival downtown.

With live music streaming, and wine and beer flowing, visitors got a chance to try some of the best food Front Street restaurants had to offer while enjoying eight bands performing.

Several tents served a variety of food and drinks, attracting people from across the state and even those in town from other countries.

"I've been doing some work over in Toppenish for my company and I'm staying in Yakima and saw the signs last week," said Becky Dilba of Olympia, Washington. "They've got some nice beers here."

"What have you got in your glass?" asked KIMA reporter Ariella Toren.

"I have from Berchman's Brewing Company their Golden Ale - it's actually really good," said Dilba.

"So far we've been out in the Yakima Valley and we've been tasting wine and visiting orchards and speaking to local growers and it's been really interesting," said another festival goer, Claire Webber from Australia.

"This folk music is amazing; I didn't expect that," added Ben Mitchell. "In Australia we only have these big music events generally in the city."

The festival goes until 10 p.m.

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