20th anniversary of 'Bill Nye the Science Guy'

Today is a big day in the Pacific Northwest. In addition September 10 being the day that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" dropped in 1991, it's also the anniversary of something a little more kid-friendly; on this day in 1993, one of the most beloved PBS programs -- hosted by one of the most beloved former Boeing employees -- debuted.

Happy 20th birthday, "Bill Nye the Science Guy."

The show, which quickly became a teaching tool in schools, as well as not-to-be-missed after-school programming, was loosely based on another Seattle sketch show, "Almost Live!," of which Nye was also a castmember. The show aired on public television stations across the country from 1993 until 1998, and won a total of 19 Emmys during its run.

Though the show went off the air 15 years ago, Bill Nye and his bow-tie are still very public figures. In addition to being an advocate for the study of global climate change, Bill Nye also recently announced that he'd be joining the cast of "Dancing With the Stars."