2 arrested with cards from Target hacking

MCALLEN, Tex. -- Police in south Texas arrested two people on fraud charges that are said to be related to the Target security breach from December.

Mary Carmen Garcia, 27, and Daniel Guardiola Domingues, 28, were arrested crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. They are from Monterrey, Mexico.

Police suspect they are part of a larger group. Officers say the two crossed into the U.S. last weekend with 100 fraudulent credit cards and spent tens of thousands of dollars.

They tried to cross into the U.S. again Sunday and were arrested. Police found 96 additional credit cards with fraudulent account numbers on them. Investigators believe the cards they couple had were from the credit card attack at Target.

Chief Victor Rodriguez of the McAllen Police Department said, "Every day that goes by we think that the target breach data may be devaluating so there will be more pressure to capitalize on them sooner rather than later."

The credit cards were issued from Mexican banks. Police say the account numbers were from people who live in Texas. Hackers stole names, card numbers and more from an estimated 100 million customers at Target and other stores.