Cosmetic Dentistry

Photo: FY Stuidos

The expression “a beautiful smile is worth a million dollars” rings true today. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming the new mainstream craze. Now you don’t have to be a celebrity to own a winning smile, but you can certainly feel like one. With many companies admitting personal appearance is important, an upgrade to your smile may offer career advancements and potentially some additional confidence each day in the office. A good smile in the work world isn't the only time it's important, in a very interesting survey 58% of men favored a women’s smile over any other feature. While most people are under the impression that cosmetic dentistry can be incredibly expensive, today it is no longer viewed as a high ticket. Cosmetic dentistry is restorative and preventative to overall health. There are various procedures for you to consider depending on what you're looking to change; veneers, whitening and implants are the top requests for enhancement.

So for a Hollywood smile put your money where your mouth is and look into all of your cosmetic dental options.

Why wait? Be sure to check in with your local Lifestyle Matters professionals today.

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