Yakima County sheriffs inform public of ongoing phone scam

Yakima County sheriffs inform public of ongoing phone scam

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - Sheriffs are informing the public of a phone scam after receiving numerous complaints.

A Yakima County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) release said multiple citizens in Yakima County have reported phone calls from scammers saying the person receiving the call has a relative in jail and needs bail money.

The scammer sounds convincing and has information on the recipient's family members according to reports.

Sheriffs reports said the scammer is persistent and attempts to convince the recipient that the relative is somewhere in the country or even internationally and needs a large amount of money to be bailed out.

YCSO officials said this scam is taking place all over the country and the scammers could be calling from faked phone numbers at a far away location.

Sheriffs are warning citizens against giving away personal information including bank or credit card information to people and to be wary of anyone asking for information over the phone.

Anyone who receives a call like this is advised to hang up and report it to local law enforcement.

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