Yakima Mayor's Winning Recipe for Super Bowl Sunday

We all have our Super Plan for Sunday.

It's all about great football, and those awesome super snacks.

Everybody has their favorite Super Bowl munchies. Yakima mayor Micah Cawley....with his game face on....pumped to whip up some winning eats. Scoring big with his never fail to convert Touchdown Taco Soup.

Micah Cawley "Nice on a cold day really warm. Really tasty. And, it's easy to make even for somebody like me who can't cook. The maor can't cook. Jnot very well. Is this gonna work? Ground beef, onions. Put it in a crock pot, cup of water. Add your beans mexicorn, tomatoes. Little tobasco, some taco seasoning put it all in a crockpot, let it sit. When its done, put it in a bowl, cheese, sour creasm, and crunchies on top. And, of course if it doesn't work you can always go to the vending machine, that's right."

The mayor's been pretty successful with his governmental game plans. Thinking, the touchdown taco soup ought to chalk up some bonus points as well with Micah's super gal and guy buddies this weekend.

Micah Cawley " You're gonna be watching it where? Going to some friend's house. Gonna have the taco soup. Relax a little bit. And, turn on KIMA to watch the Super Bowl on CBS. Go Ravens! The mayor is money."