Tips to make sure that holiday package arrives safe

SEATTLE -- 'Tis the season for shipping packages. You want to make sure your gift isn't damaged, so be sure to use a big enough box that lets you put two inches of packing peanuts or other cushioning material on each side of the item.

And put packing tape on all package seams.

"It's friction free on the packages, so that it doesn't get torn from the packages during the shipping process," says John Leaty with the UPS Store in Mill Creek.

Leaty also reminds us not to use masking tape, cellophane or duct tape. Same goes for string and brown paper.

"It can get snagged or pulled, causing a cut or a tear in the package," he said. "And if the twine and/or the brown paper it goes around gets torn off the package, your label goes with it as well."

That's why it's important to put a second shipping label inside the package, just in case.

For anything battery-powered, take the batteries out of the item before you pack the box. If the batteries were to short out, they could start a fire.

Finally, don't forget the shipping dates: Saturday Dec. 15 is the last day to mail packages parcel post for arrival by Christmas.

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