Running: Good for you, good for your pooch

You want to run with your dog and your dog wants to run with you.

Dr. Marty Becker with VetStreet says start out with slow, short runs.

"Dogs run really hard very hard for very short distances. And most dogs, even the athletic ones, the border collies and shepherds, they'll only go for about two miles. They're really not set up to run really long distances," Dr. Becker says.

Running is a lot harder for little dogs with small legs, and dogs with pushed-in faces, like Boston terriers, pugs, and bulldogs.

If you're a runner and want a running partner, look for breeds that can handle it.

"Border collies, labs, some of the shepherds are good for running. They're high energy dogs. The working dogs are used to working a lot and working continuously, so that's your best choice. But all dogs benefit from exercise. My rule of thumb is to get a dog panting-tired every day. If you do, it not only helps their body, but it helps their mind as well," Dr. Becker says.

Remember, dogs don't sweat like we do, so your pooch may be pooped after the run. Dr. Becker says it's OK to pour cool water on them, but never cold water.

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