Robocall bank scams in full force

Our phones are the targets. Autodial is the technique. And right now, scammers are working overtime.

Phones nationwide are being bombarded with illegal robocall messages like this:

JP Morgan Chase bank, informing that your Mastercard is locked for security reasons. To unlock it, please press one now."

Chase is not doing this, and neither is Mastercard. Regardless of the bank or credit card company name being used -- it's a scam!

The fraud departments at financial institutions nationwide are constantly watching for suspicious activity on our accounts, but they do not use impersonal robocalls to alert you to fraud.

Banks and card companies want us all to take note. Whenever you get any call or text claiming there's a security issue or any question about your account. Hang up immediately and call the customer service number on the back of your card.

As I've warned before, if you don't recognize the number on caller ID, let it go to voice mail. And remember, three robocall and text scam rules:

  • Never press any numbers when instructed.
  • Never , ever reply
  • Notify your bank or credit card company right away.

Finally, don't keep the alerts to yourself. One reason we continue to get so many of these calls and texts is the shocking number of people who respond- especially people who miss the alerts. So help spread the word. Email your friends and neighbors, don't assume they all know. Share this with your Facebook friends. Share the link on Twitter.

Scammers use the power of technology to rip us off. Let's use that same power to help our money out of their grubby paws.