Pet shedding too much? Time for a bath

It's the number one pet owner complaint - excessive shedding. What should you do? Give your pet a bath!

Some people worry that doing this will wash away important oils and cause dry skin.

"That is not true," says Dr. Marty Becker, who runs the website

He calls dogs and cats "four-legged dust mops" that pick up everything that gets on the floor.

"Bath your pets once a week," he advises. "It will reduce that excessive shedding. It will flush the allergy triggers off of your pet and you'll be able to save money your pet care without shortchanging your pet."

Dr. Becker also recommends a product called the FURminator. It's a special brush with a stainless steel edge that removes loose top coat fur and undercoat fur.

"When you get done using it on your dog or cat every week or two you'll swear they're not going to have any hair left," he said. "But all of that hair would have ended up in your house, on your furniture and upholstery."

We have a FURminator. We use it on Casey (our cat) and Sam (our dog) and it works great. BTW, I did not get compensated in any way to say this.