Officials to investigate overnight radiation alert at Hanford

      HANFORD, Wash. -- An emergency operations alert was activated at Hanford site overnight after radiation was detected during a transfer from a waste tank.

      Radiological survey results indicated a potential leak of tank waste from a transfer system in the C Tank Farm in the 200 East Area.

      Officials said 80-percent of the waste has been retrieved and transferred from a single shell to double shell tank. That leaves a few inches of "difficult-to-retrieve" waste.

      As a precaution, C Tank personnel were evacuated and others were ordered to shelter in place. Four employees were taken to Kadlec Medical Center as a precaution. Officials said the employees were released and allowed to return to work.

      The low-level alert was terminated around 5:00 a.m. and employees were notified to report to work as normal.

      Barricades remain in place around the C Tank Farm as workers return to normal operations.

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