Identity thieves now targeting your prescriptions

You know it's important to guard your Social Security and Medicare cards - you don't want an identity thief to find them.

Well, you need to be just as careful with your prescriptions.

"Having this information out where it can be accessible to other people can prove to be detrimental," says Nikki Junker of the Identity Theft Resource Center in San Diego. She says a thief can steal those prescription slips and get YOUR drugs.

"Then the person who actually needs the prescription no longer has the prescription sheet and cannot get the prescriptions that they actually need, which can be really dangerous because sometimes these are life-threatening conditions where these medications are needed," Junker explains.

The experts at the Identity Theft Resource Center say we all need to take steps to prevent medical identity theft.

"The best way to protect yourself from having that type of thing happen is to keep those prescriptions as safe as possible, just as you would with any personal information," says Junker.


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