Hundreds of consumers pack 'Scam Jam'

BURIEN, Wash. -- When we talk about fraud and scams, most of us tend to think about things like fake email messages, counterfeit checks and recorded messages trying to get our credit card information.

But the hundreds of people who packed the Criminal Justice Training Center in Burien Monday learned about scams they never envisioned.

Consumers, mostly seniors, traveled from across the Puget Sound region to learn how to detect scams and fraud and fight back at "Scam Jam". Consumer advocates from virtually every local, state, and federal and agency were on hand to answer questions and shine a spotlight on some of the less obvious scams and fraud schemes that rake in millions at our expense. What's more, consumers got access to valuable resources that can help them learn more, sound the alarm, file complaints and share the information with others.

The day-long educational program was sponsored by AARP, the U.S. Administration on Community Living, Region X Administration on Aging, Washington Office of the Insurance Commission and Senior Medicare Patrol.

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