Confidence contagious to the 12th Man

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - The Seattle Seahawks arrived in New Jersey for the start of what will be a chaotic week before Super Bowl 48. But amidst all the chaos, the Seahawks have consistently been level headed, lead by Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman. Wilson the silent confident type, while Sherman will get in your face.

Either way, you get the same product, an heir of confidence and one that has rubbed off on the local members of the 12th man.

Love him or hate him, I think we can all agreed Richard Sherman does not lack confidence. The All-Pro corner was on full display during the NFC Championship game, helping send the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl.

"We have had a belief in our team that we were going to do this and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity," said season ticket holder, Chris Mertens.

One member of the 12th man was already packed and ready to go. Chris Mertens went to the NFC Championship game, but before he left he had already booked and purchased hotel and airfare to New Jersey.

"I felt confident we were going to win, which is why I made that commitment," said Mertens.

Chris will be going with his wife and oldest son Cam, admitting he will be spending over $11,000 for the weekend. He says it was the Seahawks season, defensive success, and bravado that made it an easy decision.

"It really does flow down to the fans, we were, I was extremely confident," said Mertens.

But Chris is not the only member of the 12th man to put his money where his mouth is. Angel De La Torre has been Hawks follower since he was a kid, putting over $600 on the line in wagers with friends.

"It's quite a bit, all my savings and I don't bet what I don't have," said Angel De La Torre.

He has already received a personalized jersey from a 49er fan, but now he found a new participant, a Broncos fan.

"I know I am going to walk away with some gear and I already have," said De La Torre.

Nikki Ashley bleeds blue and orange, but says she has to give credit to the Seahawks and their fan base.

"The 12th man, I have never seen anything like it, never seen fans so pumped up," said Broncos fan Nikki Ashley.

"That's what it should be, we both have confidence in our teams, we rib each other about it, and I am looking forward to that opportunity in Denver," said Mertens.