Cats on leash? Walks not just for dogs

You take the dog for a walk, why not your cat?

It's a great way for them to go outside safely and get some exercise with you.

Mikkel Becker, pet trainer with, says if you take your cat for a walk, you need to have them on some sort of a leash. Otherwise, if your cat gets spooked and bolts, there really isn't much you can do.

Mikkel recommends a harness which is better for them and easier for you.

"You can actually start when they are kittens. That's a perfect time to teach your cat to be social and to walk on harness."

But Mikkel says older cats who are well socialized and confident can also be taught to walk with on a leash.

"Put the harness on and associate it with something really good, such as getting to play, getting a reward or petting. Then, teach your cat to actually follow you. You can basically teach it the same way you teach healing to your dog."

The experts a Vetstreet recommend a harness that attaches to a leash in the back, not the neck. And look for stretchy leashes that won't jerk.

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